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Your home is almost certainly your most valuable asset and the contents probably amount to a significant sum when totalled on an ‘as new’ basis.

Accidents do happen and the threat of fire, theft, storm or flood damage is always present. At Whittlesey Insurance, we can take the stress out of arranging Home Insurance Cover by protecting your home and contents against these perils.

Benefits Of Home Insurance Through Whittlesey

Our policies cover your home and its contents against fire, flood and storm damage, as well as burglary, theft and vandalism. We can even cover for accidental damage, as well as provide cover for your valuables – such as jewellery, cameras and sports equipment – together with pedal cycles, personal money and credit cards away from the home.

Home Cover will also include Public Liability Insurance, to protect you (as well as any other member of your family living with you) against a claim by others for causing injury or damage. This can include incidents caused by pets such as your dog, which may break free and cause an accident.

We can also arrange Home Legal Expenses cover, which will protect you should you have a dispute as an employee, with a neighbour or for goods or services purchased that prove to be faulty, such as a holiday which does not meet the description shown in the brochure.

The policy normally provides at least £50,000 worth of cover for advice and legal action. The mere threat of having such cover will often produce a quicker settlement if you have a dispute.

A Wider Choice Of Home & Contents Cover

If you already have a home insurance policy, you may have felt obliged to take out cover with the bank or building society which arranged your mortgage. However, it is very likely they used just one provider to offer cover, which may or may not be the best one for your circumstances.

As an Independent Insurance Broker, we would normally select from a panel of insurers to find the most suitable one for your particular circumstances.

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