For most Motorhome owners, your vehicle is your pride and joy and the source of countless adventures. It is also usually a significant investment and a complex piece of machinery. A Motor Caravan comes with all the technical requirements of a large van and those of a caravan, rolled into one.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen, sometimes causing significant damage to a Motorhome. They are also subject to breakdowns and may require recovery as a result. As Motorhomes usually retain their value very well, with even small vehicles retailing for £10,000 or more, they are also a target for thieves.

Our specialist insurance policies take into account all the risks faced by modern Motorhomes, providing you with the peace of mind that your vehicle is fully covered should the worst happen.

Affordable Motorhome Insurance Through Whittlesey

Whilst Motorhome insurance can often be purchased through a vehicle dealership, you may find yourself limited for choice. At Whittlesey Insurance we provide an independent, impartial viewpoint, selecting the best policies based on your specific demands and needs. We can find you an insurance policy to suit your vehicle, with flexible payment terms and a range of optional extras.

Why Choose Us?

With dozens of different motorhomes, motor caravans, campervans and van conversions on the road, it is difficult to prescribe a one size fits all motor caravan insurance policy. At Whittlesey we take a personal approach, tailoring your policy to be as unique as your vehicle. We can provide policies to fit all the following classes of motorhome:

  • British and European Class A Motorhomes
  • Coach built motorhomes
  • Micro camper vans
  • Imported Japanese camper vans
  • Imported American Motorhomes/RV's
  • Professional van conversions
  • DIY van conversions

Our policies include a comprehensive Claims Management and Legal Expenses service and we are also able to offer Breakdown & Recovery insurance including cover in Europe.

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To receive a quote on your Motorcaravan insurance, call us today on 01733 208 117. Our advisers can discuss your insurance needs and give you a competitive quote over the phone. If you choose to proceed with us, your new policy can often be set up in just a few minutes.


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